Today we have seen the cryptocurrency that we present today as more ambitious. We are incredibly enthusiastic that we have the honor to introduce cryptocurrency CryptoInsight  (TKR).

What is CryptoInsight?

The sharp increase of cryptocurrencies has put more pressure on traders to track the market in an effort to invest with low risk and high returns. It is hard to keep up with the constant emergence of new coins and technologies. The market is constantly in an unstable situation because media announcements can easily move in price in any direction within a few hours.

CryptoInsight is a mobile application that will later become a full-featured web platform that offers real-time alerts to buy or sell cryptocurrencies on the market. CryptoInsight offers an all-in-one interface for viewing and managing your portfolio, tracking buy/sell signals for secure investments (based on historical analysis and current market developments). In addition, it allows users to set up warnings for different cryptocurrencies. CryptoInsight will also use historical data models and apply their machine training to obtain cryptocurrency´s prediction models and portfolios.

CryptoInsight is different from other applications like Coindash, Blockfolio or any other application related to portfolio management because it does not just show your stats. CryptoInsight allows the user to run a wide set of “tests” to determine their future growth. Another important difference is that CryptoInsight does not store any user data on its servers or transmits any user data. All data is stored locally in the user’s application.

New players in this field can be afraid to invest due to lack of proper analysis or knowledge in this area, while some invest little in ‘water testing’. Unfortunately, an increase in the value of cryptocurrency is directly attributed to a number of fraudulent schemes that predominate outside the world of cryptocurrencies. Most investors often invest blindly on the basis of unauthorized media influence, attractive programs (using licentiousness to an investor’s conviction) and counterfeit promises. The goal of CryptoInsight is to alleviate all of the above problems and provide users with a useful insight into who they can rely on.


  1. Key features

    1. Simplified panel

    The ability to track your wallet address, manage your cryptocurrency that you hold and currently displays the value of your portfolio compared to your purchase/market values.

    1. Analysis and knowledge

    It performs analysis and provides statistics on existing cryptocurrency´s trends on the basis of your chosen preferences.

    1. Recognition of business impulses

    Automatic signal transmission to inform users that some cryptocurrencies may indicate profitable business opportunities based on our algorithms.

    1. Notifications

    Intelligent alerts are triggered by you under certain conditions that you specify for a given cryptocurrencies or exchange for any period of time (such as purchase/sale, trade volume, order, price, or relative changes). Due to own algorithm, it predicts pump & dump and sends signals through the application.

    1. Predictions and simulations

    This predicts future models of cryptocurrencies and portfolio forecasts from historical data using AI and machine learning or Monte Carlo simulation to perform analysis.

    1. In-app trading

    Ability to share your successful portfolio, alerts, models with other users at the price you set up with an intelligent contract to secure the transfer of such transactions.

CryptoInsight TEAM

Nabeel Amjad, co-founder

Nabeel is a software developer who has been engaged in Blockchain from the beginning. He is currently responsible for Trackr’s software and server infrastructure. In addition, he manages Trackr’s intelligent contract code and will also develop other intelligent contracts to better integrate Trackra into Blockchain technology. He is interested in using Amazon Web Services (AWS) where appropriate (he has three Amazon certificates).

Waleed Amjad, co-founder

Waleed is a software developer who specializes in building powerful front-end applications. Currently he works as an IT consultant. He worked for several major clients. For almost three years, he worked for the leading US investment bank in the field of foreign exchange trading on the most important trading platform that offers hybrid FX implementation. He has experience in building hybrid mobile applications using the ionic structure and is a great fan of functional reactive programming.

Steve Adamson, Advisor

Steve is Vice President of Morgan Stanley. He has recently shown interest in the English launch of Tindeco, which he will soon join. He is an experienced software developer for investment banking who has spent his professional career in this environment. Steve is working closely in the financial sector, as the sector continues to provide growth for both technical and personal aspects.

Chris Drew, Advisor

Chris is an experienced security engineer from London, who has a wealth of knowledge of platform security, cyber security, engineering verification and web application security. He is a versatile technologist with proven history in the financial services industry.

Rayaan Arif, Consultant

Rayaan is the founder of FundingTree.com. Rayaan has a manager´s title and a 20-year career at Kodak. He has invested and launched several companies in Data Digital Marketing, Real Estate and Finance. One of his most significant investments is the global Topgolf brand. He has launched FundingTree to solve the problems faced by real estate developers looking for funding, as well as investors looking for institutional quality investments. While Crowdfunding focused on building clean digital models, Rayaan focused on building a comprehensive marketing model and investment banking model that helps real estate firms become self-sufficient in all aspects of acquiring, maintaining and managing investor relationships.

Basic information

TKR Market Capitalization: $ 1,275,140

Volume (24h): $ 44,378

Number of tokens: 12,529,747

Price when writing this article: $ 0.10

Stock exchanges: HitBTC & EtherDelta

Main Page: https://www.trackr.im/

Twitter: @cryptoinsightio


Since ROADMAP has been published, several things have been accomplished. The most important ones are still waiting for us. The first point where the ALPHA app is written has already been released. The app is available for download on the Google Play Store, where it has 4.5 stars out of 5. It´s ready to come to other currency exchanges. However, they previously officially publish the desktop application, which makes it quite unfortunate. During this period, videos on YouTube, video marketing and own promotions will start to spin. Developers say they believe their project and do not sell it, even if its value by the end of the year was only 0.60 cents US dollars. In their words, this cryptocurrency has great potential.


We definitely recommend this project. The potential is incredibly enormous. There is a great team, a great product, a great plans and a great results. We believe that all the key information you found in the article. We wish a successful investment and a nice rest of the day!


Zdroj: https://www.trackr.im/, https://coinmarketcap.com