Today we bring you another edition of our series, “Know Your Cryptocurrency”. This time we have prepared an investment for your long-term hold. We are not the ones who think this cryptocurrency will be literally huge. Some experts call it the best cryptocurrency in this period. Some people call it a black horse. Let us introduce you the Metaverse (ETP).

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is the first project of a public Chinese blockchain technology that creates a Smart Properties site and creates an open ecosystem in which the digital value can be freely disseminated. Metaverse is a decentralized world that redefines digital identities and smart assets through blockchain technology. Within the peer to peer network reside universally unique and self-sovereign identities, which will primarily power all decentralized applications or smart contracts coming afterward. The project imagines a blockchain in which people, organizations, institutions can transact with each other.
To authenticate the digital asset transactions on the blockchain, Metaverse plans to introduce intermediaries called Oracle. In essence, Metaverse aims to be the Chinese substitute for Ethereum where the intermediaries will be parties whose vested interest lies in the kind of transaction taking place over the public blockchain.

ViewFin™ is a market leader in Blockchain technology and the developer of Metaverse™, the first public Blockchain in China. As the most visionary Fintech company in China, ViewFin™ has assembled a team of domestic and international specialists from various industries such as Finance, Internet, Consulting and Blockchain to shape the future of Fintech applications. The goal is to provide digital solutions utilizing Blockchain technology and intelligent contract technologies in areas such as financial, business, artistic, medical or charity programmes.


Why invest to ETP?

  1. Metaverse has a tremendous future due to the concept of Blockchain as a service (Baas). Baas focuses primarily on entrepreneurs such as individuals or businesses with the need to manage transactions or assets. In the future, business users will not need to be grouped as they normally are, and BaaS will be able to satisfy every user.
  2. Eric Gu, Co-founder of Metaverse Foundation spoke to Cryptovest representatives at the D10e conference and shared that he is working with a few big exchanges to get Metaverse listed. He anticipates the value of the Metaverse token to “go up as many times as NEO”. He was also one of the seven co-founders in NEO but sold his NEO tokens to start Metaverse.
  3. Its current stock of coins is 22 million. That’s 42 million less than NEO.
  4. Digitized assets may be issued via the Metaverse platform, and Gu believes it has the potential to become the world’s most widely used Blockchain platform.
  5. Metaverse is easier and more suitable for Chinese people to use than NEO as it’s tailored for a business people and does not require any developing skills, neither knowledge of English language, making it a better choice for business people and therefore will have a wider public use, mainly in Asia. Bear in mind, most of the Chinese people does not speak English and do not have a skills to program in Solidity.
  6. The ZenGold platform allows people to buy, hold, transfer and sell digital assets supported by real gold. In less than a year, Metaverse and Entropy (ETP) showcased their ability to solve the world’s problems in a much simpler and faster way.
  7. Metaverse partnered with Moscow’s based KICKICO and сrypto investment bank CyberTrust and together are aiming to take over the ICO market in China and Russia.
  8. After only six months of launching Metaverse, there are at least 20 companies that want to make Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) on the Metaverse Blockchain platform. Over the next year, the fund partners plan to conduct about 100 ICO projects. These ICOs will likely technically be temporary based in Russia, untill the Chinese government regulates ICO’s and solves the current situation in China.
  9. With a potential collaboration to launch 100 ICO projects in the near future, Bitfinex took the first step of adding the ETP to its stock market.
  10. Metaverse’s development is divided into two distinct periods marked by two consensus algorithms: the system will be secured using the “Proof of Work” document before moving to the advanced Proof of Stake.
  11. The Metaverse team is working with ViewFin ™. Has more than 75 employees registered on LinkedIn.
  12. One of the most important points of success for Blockchain is good documentation of its product. Metaverse fulfills this condition. They have extensive whitepapers on both their platforms and digital identity, explaining how and why they do what they do.
  13. This platform offers services from companies such as Chainlink, NEO, Civic, etc. But that’s all in one place.
  14. On 17th of August, Eric Gu WAS INVITED to meet the senior management team of Korean Exchange Coinone, where ETP could potentially get listed soon.
  15. ETP is currently only available on the Bitfinex, HitBTC, OpenLedger DEX and BTER exchanges. Many other exchanges will raise the price significantly.

Metaverse got listed on rightbtc.com, Dubai’s first global coin to coin trading platform, and also was added on bitsun.net exchange, which lists only the top coins – ETH, ETC, LTC, and BCC, ETP is amongst them! Considering it’s a Chinese coin with a huge potential, it could start trading on Binance anytime. When that happens and people will start paying an attention, Metaverse could literally explode as NEO did.

TEAM Metaverse

Team is made of professionals. Chen Hao, Metaverse CTO, won an award on the ArchSummit2017, where at least 200 Buissinesses were participating.

Metaverse features

    1. Registration of digital assets

    Digital assets are a new type of asset that is increasingly important. With only a few clicks, you can own your assets today.

    1. Design of digital identity

    Create your own digital identity on Metaverse, where records last forever.

    1. Intermediaries

    Oracles are based on a decentralized reputation system and act as a link between Metaverse and the real world.

    1. Decentralized Exchange

    Metaverse allows free and easy token exchange and prepares for “Internet Value”

Unofficial RoadMap

Basic information + comparison

Qtum, Metaverse and NEO are seen as three leading smart contract platforms with large operations in China. Let’s compare them.

Market Cap – $1,844,580,000
Circulating Supply – 50,000,000 NEO
Total Supply – 100,000,000 NEO
Price – $36

Market Cap – $704,937,900
Circulating Supply – 59,000,000 QTUM
Total Supply – 100,000,000 QTUM
Price – $11.90

Market Cap – $24,902,036
Circulating Supply – 22,600,000 ETP
Total Supply – 52,244,767 ETP Max: 100,000,000 ETP
Price – $1.20

All of them has a great technology, but one is relatively new, under the radar and severely undervalued. ETP!


This cryptocurrency is not in vain called a black horse in 2017. It has gained our attention and we certainly put it among cryptocurrencies for long-term holding. Its huge advantage is that it has few tokens in circulation. We wish you a nice day and a successful investment.


Zdroj: http://www.viewfin.com, https://coinmarketcap.com, http://mvs.live/