The DeFi sector showed resilience to the declining crypto market this week

As you know, this week the crypto market experienced a relatively rapid collapse, which was once again created by the panic of traders. Today, at the end of the week, the price has already stabilized anyway, but it was very interesting to watch the reaction of the DeFi sector, which showed considerable resilience to this crypto market slump, and vice versa, the data show us that even more capital was poured into it.

This positive trend for the DeFi sector was pointed out by Glassnode analysts, who monitored the Total Value Locked  (TVL) indicator in DeFi against the value of tokens or coins. At present, the value of the DeFi market is positively influenced by protocols aimed at stablecoins, which, despite corrections, are still growing and are showing increasing public interest. Tokens as well as the NFT and Ethereum, on the other hand, weakened.