After quality cryptocurrencies such as FLIK, Rupee, CryptoInsight or Modum we have another great opportunity for long-term holdings called Qvolta (QVT).

What is Qvolta?

Qvolta is a global P2P exchange platform that allows rapid, easy and secure exchange of cryptocurrency to FIAT (currency like euro, dollar, pound, etc.) and vice versa. Qvolta joins younger projects headed by principal developer Dmitry Semen, who is the engine of this project. On September 15, 2017, this project was launched worldwide. The platform transforms the way people deal with cryptocurrencies, promising a safe and user-friendly P2P exchange platform that is ready for mass use. This whole exchange process takes only 10 minutes (after registration). Qvolta is highly secure because traders are verified and interactions are decentralized.

Currently, the most popular P2P platforms are LocalBitcoins, Paxful, and Bitsquare. However, LocalBitcoins only offers Bitcoin, charges high fees and does not have a user-friendly interface. The biggest disadvantage of Paxful is that it is popular only among US users. Bitsquare is not a mass use. Users have to install special professional software and have a lot of technical skills to buy cryptocurrencies there, which is not practical at all.

Qvolta merchants will use their own tokens (QVTs) to pay for their tariff plans. Merchants begin buying a billing plan after which they can offer for cryptocurrencies for sale or purchase on the P2P Qvolta. Users can easily buy or sell cryptocurrencies in response to offers from merchants. Qvolta merchants can also manage their cryptocurrencies in the process – available as a desktop as well as a mobile application (for iOS and Android). These apps are scheduled to be released by the end of the year and go straight to the European and Russian markets. In early 2018, further exchanges are planned.

Summary of Qvolta & LocalBitcoins

  1. LocalBitcoins has the option of selling or buying only through Bitcoin. It also has high fees, Qvolta will be much lower.
  2. LocalBitcoins has no apps, Qvolta wants to overtake them mainly in this direction.
  3. Qvolta will also add other cryptocurrencies for which FIAT will be able to buy.



Basic information

Market Capitalization:? $
Volume (24h): $ 60,077
Number of tokens in circulation:?
Total Tokens: 21,600,000
Price when writing this article: 0.270475 $
Stock exchanges: HitBTC, EtherDelta
Main Page: https://qvolta.com/
Twitter: @Qvolta_platform
Telegram: t.me/qvolta


This cryptocurrency is new, so it´s still considered high-risk. However, we personally like this product, as well as the community that is remarkable for this cryptocurrency. We think that it can achieve great results in the future. One never knows what can happen and with such a small number of tokens, the price can go up by hundreds of percent. Have a nice day.

Source: https://qvolta.com/