Victims of crypto fraud got their ETH back

Fraud and theft in the crypto industry continue to be one of the main things many people fear and avoid the industry, and we last informed you that the FBI itself would create a special crypto unit because of this problem. Most recently, however, Manchester Police were able to find stolen £ 4 million worth of cryptocurrency Ethereum tokens, allowing them to return them to their rightful owners. This is a very pleasant change, or as some call it, “a great day for crypto justice.” Thanks to this move, 23 people received help from the police.

The scam took place in such a way that the fraudsters created a fake trading platform, waiting until they received a large amount of money and then closed the platform and fled with the money. Unfortunately, a total of 150 people from countries such as Hong Kong, China, the United States and the United Kingdom have been robbed, and as you know, it is very rare in this sector for victims to be lucky enough to have their stolen funds returned to them. This time, however, at least some of the victims were lucky, which is great.