Digital advertising is ruined. When we used some pages in the past, there were almost no unwanted ads. Now? Nowadays, ads are everywhere and people do not like it. Ads are making huge money all over the world. How to reduced ads? The answer is Basic Attention Token (BAT).

The BAT radically improves the effectiveness of digital ads by creating a new token that you can exchange between publishers, advertisers and users. Everything is happening on the Ethereum blockchain platform. The utility of the token is based on the user’s attention, which simply means personal mental engagement. It works by providing best techniques based on users’ attention to publishers. Users will receive several BAT tokens for participation. They can leave them, donate back to the publisher or use its on the BAT platform.

This transparent system keeps personal information private and provides fewer ads. You may not know about it, but your mobile is also getting more out of speed because of the large number of ads on the site. Owners report fewer frauds and increase their percentage of rewards; advertisers have better responses and performance. This is why the Brave browser was created.

Brave software represents an innovative solution. It’s a blockchain-based digital advertising platform that blocks unwanted ads. In addition, it rewards users. The second step is the decentralized ad exchange. Therefore, new BAT cryptocurrency is needed. The browser automatically checks your activity. It is 100% safe and private. This prevents abuse and fraud.

As founder Brendan Eich says, this remuneration system is the future of ads on the Internet. Cryptocurrency BAT is high quality and stable. Hope, we have explained this cryptocurrency and you will now know where you have invested your money.