10Red Pulse is the first ICO project on the NEO platform. It was announced on July 19, 2017 and the sale was launched on August 15, 2017. The goal was to collect “only” 15 million US dollars, which was done on the very first day. The only way to pay for tokens was through the NEO cryptocurrency. Red Pulse is a Hong Kong-based research company and office in Shanghai, covering market incidents affecting Chinese companies, sectors and the whole economy.

Founder Jonathan Ha confirmed that Red Pulse is currently managing two paragraphs pointing to important market developments in China, shifts in government policy, regulatory developments, emerging industrial trends, mergers and acquisitions, company earnings and sanctions. The key value solution is to separate the “noise signal” as there is not enough easy-to-access information about the markets in China. The real challenge is to know what is important and to understand the context for a better understanding of the ultimate impact on Chinese businesses, the industry and the whole economy. Nowadays, they cover the finance, technology, internet and consumer sectors, producing eight research “notes” per sector, along with two macroeconomic notes per day.

According to their words, they have better servers than competitors. I quote: “Our research analysts and publishers are working closely on the development of daily research notes. Each note follows a strict process of initial aggregation, processing, analysis, and finally production. The result is real-time coverage that is more current, relevant and effective than competing servers. “

RPX Token

The purpose of the RPX token will maintain the growth of the Red Pulse information platform. RPX is the currency used to manage our monetization system and relies primarily on research consumers to determine the relative amounts of payments. RPX can also be obtained by content users who want to further increase RPX’s core reward associated with research “challenges” initially funded by the Red Pulse platform. This will favor certain research challenges and will be more lucrative for content producers. Token RPX considers creators to be a practical and sustainable tool for managing our research platform and should not fall under the definition of financial security. They are currently examining the necessary registration requirements in the SEC.

Red Pulse has a great product, a great team, and the tokens have a great future ahead. The fact that this is the first ICO on the NEO platform confirms that our decision is correct and therefore we certainly recommend this cryptocurrency.

Source: https://www.red-pulse.com