Verge is a secure and anonymous cryptocurrency that focuses on privacy. In other words, it is a decentralized currency intended for users who appreciate privacy. It uses support to extract multiple algorithms to increase security and ensure the same distribution of mines by miner. The great benefit is also ultra-fast transactions and very active team that is still in touch with the community. As the leadership of this cryptocurrency says: ”We are ready for mass use.”

Let’s talk about this cryptocurrency.

If you have been part of the Bitcoin community and cryptocurrencies for longer time, you will be aware of the fact that Bitcoin is not as anonymous as the mass media say. Due to the pseudoanonym of bitcoins, several methods have been developed. They can link Bitcoin users to their wallet address. This is what has happened to many Bitcoin users who are increasingly worried about regulators and governments monitoring their transactions. Many Bitcoin users have turned to cryptocurrencies focused on true anonymity. In the last six to twelve months, these cryptocurrencies have been found by many new users. One of these cryptocurrencies is  Verge.

It started trading with the Verge (XVG) in October 2014 and is one of the oldest anonymous cryptocurrencies on the market. When this cryptocurrency was first launched, it was named DogeCoinDark. The goal of DogeCoinDark´s developers was to create a fun anonymous digital menu based on the Dogecoin principle with enhanced privacy features. In February 2016, the team od DogeCooinDark decided to rename to Verge. They continued to improve their currency. They improve Bitchin’s original Blockchain with multiple anonymous networks such as Tor and I2P. These networks were created and managed by their main developer Sunerok, whose work is network security and online privacy.

Sunerok provided an interview to “For user’s protection before traffic analysis, user´s activity and transactions are linked across multiple global servers. Each of these servers removes information from the previous server to the extent that the last server does not know where the network originated. As a result, Verge users can comfortably send and receive Verge transactions over the internet with the certainty that the currency trace is virtually unidentifiable. Major developers point to the use of Tor in their new Blackpaper, which was released on June 4, 2017. Therefore, using Tor users can browse anonymously and benefit from faster transaction confirmation. We have been monitoring this cryptocurrency for longer time and it is one of the cryptocurrencies that we hold and we will hold for a long time. You should certainly not miss your long-term holding portfolio. Hope, you learned something useful about Verge. We wish you a nice day.