A guy from Slovakia will lead the largest crypto exchange in the world in Europe

Each of us knows the largest crypto exchange in the world, which was founded only in 2017, and it is literally impossible not to hear about it if you are actively interested in crypto. This is a crazy success of the exchange, whose founder Changpeng Zhao has already managed to become a billionaire, and by 2021 his estimated net worth is $1.9 billion. Although Binance has had relatively large problems within Europe in recent months, there is no indication that this market should end up in this market as it did within the United States. Binance only recently announced that the company will be run in Europe by a guy from Slovakia named Martin Bruncko.

,,I am very excited to join Binance in a new phase of growth as it begins to place great emphasis on compliance and expansion into more traditional fintech areas. The incredible community that Binance has built over the years, its cutting-edge technologies and the move towards closer cooperation with regulators give Binance almost unlimited opportunities. I look forward to realizing this potential in Europe and beyond.

Probably none of you have ever heard of Martin, so it is definitely appropriate to write a few words about him. In the past, Martin, a well-known AeroMobil, was a member of the Euroval Council or an adviser to the Dubai government. So as you can see, we can safely say that he is a very active guy. The new Vice President of Binance in Europe plans to focus on France, where due to the position of this state, a new center of this crypto exchange can be established not only within Europe but also worldwide. President Macron also seems to like the idea, with Forbes himself providing the information.