A man tries to find his lost BTC with the help of robot dogs

You’ve probably heard a few times over the last few years about a guy called Jam Howells who accidentally dumped his old hard drive with 8,000 BTC stored on it, and there are regular reports that he’s still trying to get permission to search a dump in Newport, Wales. Jam recently decided to purchase two robot dogs from the world-famous revolutionary company Boston Dynamics, which would search the landfill and thus be used as patrol units with CC TV cameras. An ordinary mortal will pay $74,500 for one robotic dog, Insider confirms.

If all goes well, the robot dogs will be named “Satoshi” and “Hal.” The main reasons behind the dogs’ names is as you know a person or group of people called “Satoshi Nakamoto” and “Hal Finney” who was the first ever person to receive a Bitcoin transaction. After several unsuccessful attempts to get permission from Newport City Council to search the landfill, Howell hopes that with the help of experienced consultants and two investors on his side, he may finally have a chance. However, a council spokesman continues to insist that Jam Howells’ proposals pose a significant environmental risk that they “cannot accept”.