A relatively large number of Americans are leaving work due to cryptocurrencies

The growth we have experienced in the cryptocurrency market over the last year is literally unprecedented. However, one should automatically ask how many people have managed to improve financially during this time. This is exactly what the latest survey from Civic Science, conducted in the USA, has quite surprising results. In total, as many as 11% of Americans surveyed confirmed that they either left their jobs after making money trading cryptocurrencies (4%) or know someone who did so (7%).

Even more surprising is the fact that more than half of them fall into the lower-income category and in other words earn less than $ 50,000 a year. Subsequently, only 8% of those who answered “yes” said that their income exceeded $ 150,000 or more in one year. We can therefore deduce that most wealthier citizens diversify their portfolios, especially through cryptocurrencies.

This survey also showed us that respondents aged 18 to 24 perceive cryptocurrencies as a long-term investment (36%), which is quite a surprise given the high volatility in this market. In addition, up to 25% said it was an easy way to trade money. In the same question, respondents over the age of 55 answered that cryptocurrencies were mostly short-term investments (28%), with 19% saying they were independent of governments as a result.

Of those who have invested in cryptocurrencies over the past year, as many as 28% say they have increased their capital, while as many as 29% have seen no increase and 16% say they have less money than last year. Personally, this part of the survey is the most interesting for me, as it is only beautifully shown that a relatively large number of respondents did not make any money, despite the fact that the cryptocurrency market has grown enormously. So it only turns out beautiful that betting is often the best choice and daily trading constantly watching the charts can hurt you a lot.