According to the Florida governor, taxes should be paid in cryptocurrencies

I’m sure you remember the article we brought to you a few days ago that stated that a candidate for US senator had promised that Bitcoin would be “legal tender.” Of course, this is a very uncertain promise, given this man’s position, but yesterday a slightly more interesting report was made about the governor of Florida himself. He announced that, according to him, taxes should be paid in cryptocurrencies. Of course, these words brought a relatively large dose of positivity to the crypto sphere.

According to Bloomberg, the governor has previously expressed his interest in the crypto and has been working on their integration for some time. He told on a news conference yesterday that he had told state agencies to figure out a way for any company to pay cryptocurrency taxes if it showed interest. More and more U.S. officials are beginning to support cryptocurrencies as younger generations of politicians, who according to various statistics, are more open to digital assets than people aged 40 and over, are slowly coming to power.