Almost 7% of Spain’s population invests in cryptocurrencies

As you probably know, interest in cryptocurrencies is constantly growing, which is evidenced by constant news from the world, such as the latest one from Spain. According to the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), around 6.8% of Spanish citizens have invested in cryptocurrencies at some point in their lives, with the hope of making money understandably the main reason for investing.

“Despite this, it is striking that 40% consider that cryptocurrencies are regulated by law and that 29% consider that they have the same risks as other investments.”

In research conducted by the CNMV, nine out of ten respondents answered that they had seen information in any form that pointed to the risks of investing in cryptocurrencies. Even after such results, the regulatory body CNMV is still concerned about the awareness of the crypto sector. However, it should be pointed out that more than 50% of the Spanish population believe that the warnings about the risks associated with cryptocurrency investments are clear enough to read and understand before making any form of cryptocurrency investment.