Among financial and banking applications, crypto applications are the most downloaded

Many of you remember the times when we all hoped together that cryptocurrencies would soon be part of everyday life around the world. Today, as you know, it is exactly as we hoped years ago, so it is very interesting to watch the news from around the world, such as that crypto applications are the most downloaded among financial and banking applications and literally dominate them. It’s so beautiful to see that the crypto boom continues, as the popular NY Business Insider daily pointed out.

As we can see in the table above, out of the TOP 5 most downloaded and therefore the most popular applications are up to 3 of them crypto applications. Coinbase with its PRO trading platform ranked first with the growth of up to + 318.85%. Second place belongs to Voyager, which also trades in cryptocurrencies with an increase of + 232.73% and fourth place in the list belongs to the Binance stock exchange with an increase of 120.34%!