Among the most downloaded mobile applications you can also find crypto applications

We do not have to remind anyone of the fact that cryptocurrencies are becoming an integral part of everyday life around the world. This fact is confirmed by the list of the most downloaded mobile applications on the largest online store Google Play for Android, where the list of TOP 5 free applications is dominated by the crypto wallet and in fourth place we find the application company Coinbase.

We are not really surprised by, given the really wide range of services such as Margin or even NFT. This is also the case with Coinbase, as this application focuses primarily on crypto wallets and crypto trading. Also of interest is the fact that crypto applications do not only control the Google Play online store, as only recently has the information emerged that the most downloaded financial and banking applications around the world are the ones that target cryptocurrencies. We can see so beautifully the madness that is happening around cryptocurrencies.