An investment expert predicts unprecedented growth in cryptocurrencies

From the very beginning, we have witnessed many predictions of crypto market growth, and although the entire crypto market is much further than it was just one year ago, the number of predictions by many experts is far from falling, quite the opposite. Raoul Pal, an investment expert and former CEO of Goldman Sachs, has recently spoken out on this topic, believing that by 2030 we will experience an unprecedented growth of cryptocurrencies, signaling their bright future. According to hey, digital assets will dominate the world by 2030.

“It’s the fastest growth of any asset class in all history.“

According to him, despite the slow start of the year, Pal believes we will have at least 500 million active crypto users by the end of this year, despite the fact that the world currently has 300 million active users. He expects this growth to increase, bringing at least half of the world’s digital assets by 2030. Pal also believes that at this rate of growth, many new crypto projects will fail, while others will prosper and be able to offer something unique. In any case, it will be interesting to see if his predictions about half of the world’s crypto population by 2030 are met.