Anonymous sent a message to Do Kwon

The now infamous collapse of the Terra Luna project, to which we have devoted several articles, is beginning to serve as a relatively large deterrent for all those interested in the crypto industry, as many people have lost their roofs over their heads due to this collapse. After a long time, the notorious hacker activist group Anonymous also commented on the situation in the form of a video, promising that the founder of Do Kwon would pay for hurting many innocent people. In the video, the group also mentions not only the recent collapse of Terra Luna but also other “crimes” committed by the founder in recent years.

The video further details recent events, including the $80 million withdrawal from Do Kwon, which was expected to lead to the collapse of the project. His name is also mentioned in connection with the collapse of the stable base Basis Cash. The group has also pledged to examine the entire cyber history, which they expect to expose many more crimes. There are many voices from the crypto community calling for justice and supporting this initiative.