Another big stop for cryptocurrencies could be the world-famous Bahamas

The crypto industry is coming up with new news every day, which can very positively help to further the great growth of cryptocurrencies, while we try to inform you regularly about the most important ones. One such news concerns the Caribbean archipelago of the Bahamas, which could soon pay taxes with digital assets. The information was confirmed by the Prime Minister of the Bahamas, Philip Davis, and would potentially be another important milestone for cryptocurrencies.

The private sector will work with the central bank not only on this project but also to bring the Bahamian CBDC to the forefront and make more and more use of it. In addition, a Digital Assets Policy Committee will be set up, together with a Digital Advisory Panel (DAP), to constantly monitor digital assets and related digital developments, new trends, and related risks. It is clear that the Bahamas does not take these things lightly, and we are already wondering how the whole effort of this archipelago will turn out.