Axie Infinity has been the victim of the largest cryptocurrency theft in the history

In recent years, thefts have occurred countless times in the world of cryptocurrencies, and many times such thefts have largely waved over the price of Bitcoin and thus the entire market. A few days ago, however, the biggest cryptocurrency history took place when Axie Infinity Crypto Firm reported a security breach of unprecedented proportions, with some sources, including Ronin Blockchain, saying the losses had climbed to $625 million.

In her official blog post, Ronin Blockchain said that about $ 625 million was stolen through a game in which you can make real money by playing. The attackers allegedly hacked the private keys of Axie Infinity users and managed to organize fake selections. Even more alarming, however, is the fact that the theft was so overworked that the company only discovered it after one user complained that he could not withdraw funds from his account, a week after the theft occurred. This is again one of many cases that he definitely does not throw