Biden ordered the government to start studying the digital dollar

We have devoted a really large number of articles to the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) in recent months, in some of which we have pointed out that the digital currencies of many countries are already working hard around the world, but the US has only been involved in this sector. at least. However, this is likely to begin to change, with US President Joe Biden ordering the government on Wednesday to work on a list of the benefits and risks of the digital dollar.

“The growth in cryptocurrencies has been explosive.“

The information was confirmed by the White House office itself, and after publishing this information, we could see a large green candle on the daily chart, as Bitcoin alone reached almost 10%, which, as usual, pulled the entire crypto market up. Biden’s order will require the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce and a few other key agencies to draw up a report detailing the roles that cryptocurrencies will play in the future. It is necessary to take into account security, protection against volatility and at the same time for the US dollar to maintain its leading position in the global economy.