Bitcoin ATMs are booming around the world

With the gradual adoption of cryptocurrencies around almost the world, states, banks, and individual companies are trying to make it as easy as possible for ordinary people to access digital assets, whether through the purchase of cryptocurrencies directly through banks or customized applications of large companies. One of these ways is definitely Bitcoin ATMs, the number of which is growing every day, and currently, the world is literally experiencing a boom. To date, almost 3,000 new Bitcoin ATMs have been installed worldwide this year.

Despite the current unfavorable situation in the cryptocurrency market, digital assets seem to be as popular as ever. This year, a record number of 2,998 new Bitcoin ATMs were opened in just 130 days. This is an average of 23 new Bitcoin ATMs per day. The speed of installing new ATMs seems to keep pace with last year’s trend, with around 20,000 new Bitcoin ATMs registered worldwide in 2021. This number can of course be even higher, as not all ATMs in the world are monitored via Coin ATM Radar.