Bitcoin is officially a teenager

While the bitcoin whitepaper was published by a person/group of people under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto on October 28, 2008, many claim that it is precisely January 3, 2009, that should be referred to as the birthday of this cryptocurrency. This would mean that Bitcoin officially became a teenager when he reached the age of 13. This day is also referred to as the “mint date”, as the first block known today as the Genesis Block was created on this day, containing the first 50 pieces of BTC. Edul Patel, CEO, and co-founder of Mudrex said Bitcoin was a key pillar in the rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchains worldwide.

Throughout this journey, Bitcoin was called by various names and was literally like a roller coaster ride. This well-known digital asset has gained a lot of fans as well as enemies during the course, and during this time Bitcoin has been sentenced to end several thousand times. We even remember this many years ago, when various experts or analysts predicted that Bitcoin would fall to zero. However, the opposite is true and this cryptocurrency has always returned stronger and we are already looking forward to what awaits us for the rest of the current decade.