Bitcoin is up by almost 67% compared to last year

From time to time, some of us manage to find a project that will make them a few hundred or even a thousand percent appreciations over the next year. Of course, such large evaluations can no longer be expected for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, given the huge capitalization of this cryptocurrency and according to the latest information, we learned that the “king of cryptocurrencies” increased by almost 67% compared to last year, despite a recent decline.

Such excellent statistics can be attributed to the inflation of the dollar, which was again not merciful this year, and this cryptocurrency also surpassed several well-known indices this year, including the S&P 500 (gains 32.71%), Nasdaq (gains 31.39%), and Dow Jones. Industrials (gains 41.65%). After a big increase during the last month, a rocket collapse came a few days ago, which scared the whole market, and so far it can still be felt with cautious movements. It, therefore, remains questionable whether this cryptocurrency and the whole market will gradually recover from this dump and whether the bulls will have the power at all to do so.