How to create an account on


   Blockchain is a Bitcoin wallet, supported by Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. It is one of the most popular wallets. It is very secure and offers a high-quality mobile app for Android and iOS. It allows the purchase of BTC, ETH SEPA or a credit card. One of the other benefits is the ability to back up a private key (12 English words) allowing you to own the cryptocurrency in the network, and optionally restore it to hardware (Safe) or other wallets (JAXX, Coinomi).


   Registration is easy, open and click in the top corner of GET A FREE WALLET.

Fill in the form:

  1. EMAIL – your email address
  2. PASSWORD – Password (capital and small letter, digit + special nonAlphaNumerical character eg: / * -… – selectable)
  3. Confirm Password– Same password again
  4. Checkbox – agree to reading the rules

   When you click on CONTINUE, registration is complete and you’ll see a wallet with your signed-in account.

   Blockchain uses Wallet ID to sign in, which you need to back up and save somewhere. Wallet ID is not a private key !! It’s just the login ID. Click in the left corner on SETTINGS – Wallet information to see your Wallet ID. It’s not Bitcoin address for accept BTC! Do not share this identifier with anyone and securely back it up.

Mobile application Blockchain

  Download the Blockchain mobile app for your smartphone:

  1. Blockchain Android
  2. Blockchain iOS

   After installing and opening on your smartphone, you need to synchronize the application with the Blockchain website. In SETTINGS – Wallet information, click in the MobileApp Pairing Code on Show Pairing Code button and you will see the QR code you scan through your smartphone into your mobile app.


   On the Blockchain website, click SETTINGS – Preferences to verify the email you have entered, and you will receive a verification link. Mobile Number – enter your phone number and you will receive a verification SMS, which you then enter and confirm.


  When logging in from a new device, Blockchain can send a verification email to verify the device you are logged into. Check the email, open the link and click on Accept after checking.


   Click BUY & SELL BITCOIN and fill in the amount you want to deposit on Blockchain.

The top bid price for 1 Bitcoin is displayed above the form. Click to Buy Bitcoin. You have two choices:

  1. Bank Transfer – Standard SEPA in € within the EU
  2. Payment card – Recommended for amounts up to € 300

Bank Transfer

   Upon purchase, click BANK TRANSFER, then check your data and click Confirm. It will show you the data for sending SEPA payments.

   n your bank, you’ll fill out the data you see. It is important to insert the correct credentials into the Notes: Order ID xxxxxx. SEPA payment should be made within 1-2 business days and Bitcoins will be credited.


   Since you can only buy Bitcoin, you can change Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash at the exchange. Click on EXCHANGE.

   Enter Amount – enter an amount in BTC to change ETH. Click Next. Check the data, confirm the terms and conditions and click Confirm. Etherum will shortly be credited to your ETH account.

SEND – Send the cryptocurrency

   To send Bitcoin or Ethereum, click on SEND in DASHBOARD and fill in the data:

  • Currency – Select Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum
  • TO – The address of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cashu or Ethereum, you can also scan it
  • Amount – Amount to be sent
  • Transaction Fee – You can choose a transaction rate and also a Regular or Priority Fee


   Click on DASHBOARD Request, select the cryptocurrency, and you will see your Cryptocurrency Receipt Address.

   Blockchain is one of the most widely used Bitcoin wallets that supports Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. Blockchain does not have a payment card to choose from ATMs such as Xapo. It offers deposit, purchase by bank transfer or credit card. One of the other benefits is importing “PaperWallet” using a private key or “seed”, which is 12 or 24 English words.

   We recommend this wallet. It’s fast, simple, with the ability to set up a transaction fee, and it also offers a fast and easy app for iOS and Android.