California is introducing a new regulatory framework

It is not even a day since we informed you that in addition to the technology giant Microsoft, the American telecommunications company AT&T and the coffee chain Starbucks, the world-famous Italian luxury brand Gucci will accept the cryptocurrency payments, and today we have other great news! The US state of California is introducing a new regulatory framework that promises a better business environment with advanced transparency and consistency in digital assets.

With about a quarter of all blockchain businesses in North America located in the Golden State, officials are working to create a regulatory environment that suits both companies and the state. As you know, California is advancing in almost every industry in America, with a GDP of $3.4 trillion, which has overtaken the United Kingdom and is currently in fifth place in terms of the world’s largest economies. We can therefore see that this is a really important message, thanks to the long-term progressive thinking of this state. Many other US states are reportedly following in the footsteps of California in the coming months.