Chainalysis introduces the first Crypto Hotline

A well-known and at the same time not positive fact in the crypto industry, which we point out on a regular basis, are thefts and frauds, due to which a huge number of people still do not enter the crypto world as they fear for their funds. Gradually, however, many individuals and institutions are trying to find ways to fight crypto crime easily and effectively. Recently, we have reported that the blockchain data platform Chainanalysis has announced the launch of a crypto link that will be available 24/7.

“The rapid response service is for organizations who have been targets of a cyber attack or unauthorized network intrusion that involves a cryptocurrency theft or demand.”

This line will serve as an immediate response and support for victims of cybercrime. In addition, it will also provide up-to-date data for the investigators themselves, giving them a better chance of resolving these offenses. The company has announced that so-called crypto crimes are on the rise again, which clearly does not please any of us. However, thanks to the latest “hotline”, victims will be able to provide a quick and complete report of what happened. This will allow investigators to get information much faster, and what used to take weeks or months can now only take a few minutes.