China plans to censor the NFT

China, which has perhaps one of the most hostile attitudes towards cryptocurrencies, if not the most hostile of all countries in the world, has announced that it plans to impose censorship on the NFT sector as well. The country wants to start monitoring all “digital collectibles”, as the Chinese government calls them. Such attitudes are nothing new in China, as the country is typical of such laws, given the need for the government there to control perhaps everything. However, while last year’s ban on cryptocurrency mining in China still applies, the NFT is still allowed to trade there.

Chinese People’s Daily confirmed that Liu Tianjian, director of the National Press and Publication Administration’s blockchain, had expressed great interest in monitoring the NFT, as she believed it was necessary. According to Liu, these tokens “must be in line with the country’s core values” and will be considered illegal until reviewed by officials. The introduction of such censorship would mean a further ban on Kryptonians in the country, and would again run counter to the philosophy of decentralized and free blockchain technology, with China being sharply criticized in the past for its stance on the sector.