Coinbase donates $150,000 to Haiti in cryptocurrencies

The Coinbase giant company, which must be known to everyone who trades in cryptocurrencies, donates $ 150,000 in cryptocurrencies to Haiti. The report was announced by the humanitarian foundation Hope for Haiti and the company Emerging Impact, which deals with financial inclusion. In the last twelve years, four earthquakes have hit the Caribbean island, the last of which hit only this Monday with a magnitude of 5.3 and two confirmed dead.

Coinbase decided to invest this amount as an investment in a pilot project. This form of assistance will be able to help the 1,500 families affected by the earthquakes and civil unrest. Such an initiative is particularly exciting, given that it uses blockchain-based technology. Coinbase’s Dominique Baillet also said he hoped the initiative would inspire ideas in the cryptoeconomics and philanthropic sectors. Recently, Coinbase has joined other organizations that have decided to help the affected areas in the world.