Companies are starting to use NFT to increase their image in the metaverse

Even though cryptocurrencies or NFTs have a minor “pause” after the huge growth over the past year, keep in mind that something is always going on in the background. The expected metaverse, which will be clearly worked on for several years to come, will very likely also include NFTs, which can be used in really many ways. Of course, it will take some time to find out how it really will be, but it is the Indian companies that have started experimenting across sectors with the various options available, including the NFT.

As you know, NFTs are digital assets that give a very limited number of owners a digital experience and clearly the opportunity to brag that you own the NFT. Last week, Tanishq launched its new “Romance of Polki” bridal collection in a metaverse that allows guests to experience a 3D jewelry experience as well as try out a sample piece using QR codes from their mobile phones. Just the idea of something like that was something unrealistic a few years ago, and now it’s a reality. A few months ago, MakeMyTrip even sold its holiday NFTs, adding it to a list of progressive companies that believe in the technology, with many large company employees already working on a “survey” of the metaverse itself.