Cooperation between Discord and the cryptocurrency Ethereum?

The popular platform for the online gaming community may soon be moving in the so-called “crypto direction.” At least that’s what the platform’s CEO, Jason Citron, suggests in the form of the mysterious Tweet. This Tweet contains an image of a specific part of the user interface where you can link your account to other platforms. However, what is strange about this picture is the Ethereum symbol in its center with the MetaMask and WalletConnect icons below it.

While the current situation remains shrouded in secrecy, users have received various reactions from Twitter. While one part is excited about this potential partnership, the other thinks that this gaming platform is far from ready for something like that. To be more precise, the community worries that Discord lacks the right security to integrate cryptocurrencies, and even Etherea’s high fees are not exactly encouraging. However, as nothing has been officially confirmed yet, we will have to wait for more information.