Countries with the most comprehensible crypto tax policy

As you may know, in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we are used to not completely understandable or logical information about paying taxes, and many accountants have a lot to do every year to understand the regulations of the state. However, there are also countries where crypto regulations are very clear and clearly communicated by the state, which is what PwC, which offers global crypto services, has focused on.

In this ranking of countries with the most comprehensible tax crypto laws for their citizens, Liechtenstein came in first with an overall score of 0.8, and Australia and Malta shared second place with an overall score of 0.7. We can see that Germany follows, with Singapore closing the top five with a similar score as Germany. However, in addition to cryptocurrencies as such, countries around the world have a problem with clearer guidelines on DeFi or NFT. However, many also point to the fact that by making the crypto world so fast, governments are unable to keep up with all the news, and that is exactly what governments should work on.