Crypto crime is reaching new records

As we have already informed you several times, we, unfortunately, live in a world where, when an industry advances and its popularity grows, the dark side also grows, which can significantly damage the industry. As you probably already guessed, we are talking about the growing crypto-crime, which grows every day and damages the good name of the crypto world to a great extent. This is confirmed by the latest data from Australia and the United Kingdom, which talk about the continued growth of crypto-crime and keeps a huge number of people out of the industry.

The United Kingdom saw the most reported crypto crimes in 2021 with a total of 9,458 cases. Compared to previous years, only 704 such crimes were reported in 2016, but in 2020 this number reached 8,801, which represents an increase of 1150%. In terms of age correlation, young people aged 18-25 were the most common victims, followed by the 31-35 age group, which accounted for 11.48% of victims in 2021. There were 30.9% more male victims than female victims. It should also be remembered that crypto-crime is still a very new type of crypto-crime and many of the victims still do not know where to look for the necessary advice.