Crypto investors are still mostly men

As you all know, 2021 was literally unprecedented for cryptocurrencies, and it was this year that we could see the greatest interest in their history. According to Fumbi statistics, the overall interest in cryptocurrencies increased by an insane 400% in 2021, and new price highs were reached not only by Bitcoin but also by many other altcoins. The cryptocurrency market is currently undergoing a correction, so we have used the time to get closer to the statistics of investors from all over the world.

The company Fumbi also presented us with other statistics, thanks to which we learned that the distribution of women and men investing in cryptocurrencies has not changed much, and the ratio of 80:20 in favor of the men. However, we learned that women’s interest in investing in cryptocurrencies is slowly but surely growing in the world but also in Slovakia, where women and men invested up to 25 million euros last year.