Crypto mining equipment is heavily smuggled from China to Iran

Certainly some time ago, you also caught reports that cryptocurrency mining is banned in China. For this reason, we also wrote several articles where we could learn, for example, that one of the largest Chinese mining companies BIT Mining Limited moved to Kazakhstan. Of course, all cryptocurrency companies had to move away from China, but there are also those who have chosen to choose a not entirely legal route.

We are talking about smugglers of mining equipment from faraway China to Iran thanks to cheap electricity. This fact was also pointed out by the general director of Tavanir, Mohammad Hussein Motevallizadeh, in an official letter in which he warns that Iran is becoming a very attractive local for the mentioned smugglers of equipment from China. Finally, let us recall, for example, the intervention of the Iranian police last month, which revealed an illegal farm with 7,000 mining machines, which were immediately confiscated.