Crypto strategists of the Bank of America believe that CBDC is necessary

The CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) is a topic to which we have devoted a large number of articles over the last year, and it is clear that there will be even more in the coming years. Almost 100 countries around the world work on such a central bank digital currency, and as we have recently informed you, China, which is already testing its national currency, is clearly the furthest in terms of integrating this currency into the lives of ordinary people. According to analysts, we could wait for the official US CBDC before 2030.

Andrew Moss and Alkesh Shah, crypto strategists for Bank of America, said the CBDC is “necessary”, adding that they expected the adoption and use of such stablecoins to increase significantly in the coming years. The possible adoption of the CBDC was discussed in a 35-page Federal Reserve system document. It addresses the potential benefits of the digital dollar, such as much simpler and faster payments around the world. This document will have to be approved by both the White House and Congress itself.