Cryptocurrencies in the music industry

We have only recently pointed out that cryptocurrencies are gradually becoming an integral part of every industry, and today we have the latest information to point out that crypto has been included in the music industry for the first time in history, more precisely in music videos. The Spanish singer Huecco became the first artist in the world whose latest music video was financed by the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which was also confirmed by the executive director of Coinmotion, who stated as follows:

“We like to innovate with “premium on-demand services, being the first to launch the Private Crypto Banking service in Spain. When Huecco asked us to collaborate on such a pioneering project that apart from being the first video clip in the world financed entirely with Bitcoin, it allows us to contribute to raising awareness and promoting the development of the sector in Spain, we did not hesitate to participate in it.”

This project, called Bajo Tu Piel (Under Your Skin), was officially supported by the Coinmotion crypto platform, according to their press release. As we could read in this report, the aim of this cooperation was to promote crypto and get it even more into the so-called mainstream. Cryptocurrencies are well advanced in Spain and are also very popular, as evidenced by the fact that in 2020, Spain was the fifth country in the world to use cryptocurrencies after the United States, China, Japan, and the United Kingdom.