Cryptocurrencies will be added to the portfolio of Australian government investment company QIC

While the cryptocurrency market is experiencing another boom, more positive news is coming from around the world for the entire cryptocurrency industry, specifically from the Financial Times. This time, the Australian government investment firm Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC), which manages $ 92.4 billion in assets, has decided to add cryptocurrencies to its portfolio, adding to financial giants and institutions such as JPMorgan and Neuberger Berman. QIC is, among other things, Australia’s fifth-largest pension fund.

However, we also learned from Stuart Simmons, who is in charge of all currencies at QIC, that cryptocurrencies as such are not a much-needed investment for this type of fund and institution, but on the other hand acknowledged that they mature as a segment, which is great news. According to Simmons, the greatest incentive will be to increase the inflow of investment into the crypto market when a so-called transparent list of regulatory requirements is defined, on which several institution giants have relied in recent months. After all, everyone wants this segment to be safe and reliable.