Cryptocurrency regulation could soon become a global initiative

We regularly bring you a number of articles on the regulation of cryptocurrencies, also concerning the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), while we are constantly talking about individual institutions or states, where everyone enforces their own rules. However, according to official sources, the global regulator for digital assets is currently negotiating. Ashley Alder, chairwoman of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), says there is a possible initiative for global cryptocurrency cooperation next year.

Alder also thinks that in an ever-growing industry, cryptocurrencies clearly deserve global cooperation and regulatory coordination. The digital assets industry has even been classified as one of the three biggest issues to be addressed globally, which only shows how cryptocurrencies are indeed an increasingly respected industry. Cryptocurrencies will remain here and the times when this industry was not taken seriously are gone forever. However, global coordination may be exactly what the sector needs today.