Dating app based on blockchain technology? Meet with

   Relationships are the foundation of our lives. Interaction and communication have substantially shifted online. It is inevitable, that this trend will only increase in the future to come. While this enables us to meet more people online, it also makes relationships superficial, unfair and unsecure. We believe that when it comes to relationships, we should be picky. This is why we have created the first fair, transparent and truly decentralized dating app.

   Introducing, the revolutionary blockchain-based dating platform. Imagine a service with a perfect system at hand to make all the mismatches, fakes, and lags impossible – powered by the blockchain technology. Adjusted to the needs of the modern society’s dating ecosystem, it solves the issue f the real looks not matching the profile photos by introducing a face-scanning system. It eliminates the possibility of scamming and spamming through its unique biometric verification. Hicky will use blockchain technology for the encryption of messaging, implementation of smart contracts as well as for the basic network for the token economy within the DApp.

   Furthermore, Hicky’s matching system is refined by AI algorithms based on more than 10-years of experience in the leading dating agencies worldwide. Hicky’s insider vision of the industry by its experienced blockchain experts produced a way to use the unlimited opportunities of the world of crypto in private and real-life situations as this one.

   Hicky’s executives are sure that with the correct implementation of the power of blockchain, the disadvantages of today’s system can be solved as such. It means that the market is facing the dating app of the future. The team with backgrounds in the biggest brands on the market, such as Tinder, strives to blow your mind worldwide about how simple meeting your match can be. Perfect for those tired of being alone.

Hicky (HKY) officialy partners up with NAGA!

   Hicky is excited to announce its partnership with The NAGA Group which has supported the NAGA Development Association Ltd., — the founder of the NAGA Coin (NGC). The NAGA Group was founded in 2015 with a mission to disrupt the outdated financial industry. The company was listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 2017.

   The core team of The NAGA Group, will be advising Hicky during the token sale and working on the integration of Hicky into the NAGA ecosystem.

“We are happy to share what we’ve learned from the Token Sale of NGC in order to replicate such success with Hicky,” said Benjamin Bilski, adding, “and as advisors we are happy to integrate Hicky into our rapidly growing community of early adopters as we move towards mass adoption of the new, decentralized NAGA Ecosystem.”

   NAGA team believes in Hicky’s vision and will thus be supporting the team both in advisory and operational capacities.

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