Dogecoin is rising again after Elon Musk wrote a simple Tweet

The meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin skyrocketed again. The reason is Elon Musk’s Tweet, in which he indicated that he will also talk about this cryptocurrency during his premiere hosting debut on “Saturday Night Live”. Sometimes we wonder how easy it is to manipulate the prices of given cryptocurrencies.

“The Dogefather SNL May 8.”

As you also know, the Doge is a cryptocurrency that originated as a parody, rather than as a cryptocurrency that should really help the world. However, even such a project was able to grow by more than 8,000% (ATH $ 0.40) in 2021, and as you all know, we can owe it especially to Elon Musk. The minerals of this cryptocurrency, to whom their incomes have risen by as much as 4,500% ($ 3.6 million) this year, are also certainly grateful to CEO of Tesla and Space X.

There are certainly many people who have improved or even become rich thanks to Elon. Whether Elon wanted to joke through yesterday’s Tweet or not, it basically doesn’t matter, as the price skyrocketed from $ 0.255 to $ 0.348. This represents an increase of more than 30% in a few hours.