During the recent dump, investors bought cryptocurrencies for almost $95 million

The market has experienced a smaller decline in recent days after the great growth in August, and although these days we will say something more about this topic in the analysis, today we have information that shows us how the institutions behaved in terms of purchasing and the result pleasantly surprised us. According to available data from CoinShares, investors used last week’s dump affected by China to buy products of digital assets totaling up to $ 95 million!

We are always very happy to see such reports, as it shows how much the real interest of institutions, as well as investors in cryptocurrencies, is. During this downturn, Bitcoin and also Ethereum were the most interesting for everyone to buy, but among the most sought-after products, projects such as Solana and Polkadot also appeared. In terms of specific crypto funds, the most sought-after was CoinShares XBT, which recorded an inflow of $ 25.4 million. In second place was 21Shares with $ 22.1 million, followed by Purpose with $ 21.5 million. As you can see, interest in cryptocurrencies is far from declining, quite the opposite.