El Salvador wants to mine cryptocurrencies more environmentally friendly in the future

El Salvador, which this year became the first country in the world to adopt Bitcoin as official legal tender, is now sending a new legacy to the world. This country has decided that in the future it wants to mine cryptocurrencies only in an ecological way and thus use only renewable energy. The head of the local water commission told reporters this information yesterday, while it was certainly pleased with many fans of cryptocurrencies. The energy-intensive “mining” of cryptocurrencies performed by computers has long been criticized by environmentalists, and it’s great that something is finally being done about it.

„The possibilities are endless here, it’s just about willpower and that we have the means and the ability to start these projects.“

Daniel Alvarez, president of the State Executive Commission for Lempa River Hydropower Plants (CEL), said El Salvador has the potential to generate electricity through hydropower, solar, wind, and tidal projects. He also said that they have everything they need to start implementing these projects, so it is only about willpower.