Elon Musk plans to integrate DogeCoin payments into SpaceX

You definitely remember that last year’s unprecedented growth of cryptocurrencies was helped, among others, by American billionaire Elon Musk. In addition to influencing the movements of the most valuable cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, he later began to massively influence the value of cryptocurrency, DogeCoin, only because he constantly talked about it and wrote about it on his Twitter. Yes, this man has such power that a single mention of this cryptocurrency in connection with one of his companies can cause tens or hundreds of percent growth, and such growth happens every time Elon mentions this project. Of course, by doing so, he also earned a great deal of criticism from the general public, but even that did not stop him from continuing to influence the price of this cryptocurrency.

Most recently, the US billionaire decided that after the addition of the cryptocurrency DogeCoin as an option to purchase Tesla’s meter, this option would be added for his other company SpaceX. He said that he was considering adding DogeCoin as a subscription payment for his other company, Starlink. As you can see, the fact that Elon became interested in the cryptocurrency, which was initially created only as a joke, is gradually becoming a legitimate payment option, mainly thanks to it. Among other things, Elon has promised in the past that one day he will add a physical coin or logo to one of SpaceX’s spaceships as part of a mission to the Moon, thus fulfilling the famous crypto saying “to the Moon”.