ESET has discovered malware that steals cryptocurrencies

One of the biggest risks, if not the biggest, in the crypto industry, is clearly security. Despite the fact that crypto exchanges or banks do their best to keep users’ funds safe, there are still a really large number of fraudsters who steal cryptocurrencies on a daily basis, whether through fake accounts, text messages, e-mails, websites, or viruses. The latest news has flown around the world when the world-famous Slovak company ESET has discovered a virus that is stealing digital assets. The computer virus targeted users via social media and masqueraded as a “trusted popular crypto-wallet.”

An official ESET article further states that malicious applications targeted Android and iOS users through counterfeit applications in their mobile app stores, which appeared to be popular wallets such as MetaMask, Coinbase, Trust Wallet, or Token Pocket. All these fake applications were subsequently removed from the stores, but ESET itself believes that the chances that there are still other active fake applications are relatively high. The operation is thought to be the work of a single group that began to focus primarily on Chinese users as early as May 2021 but has since spread around the world. Therefore, this case should also be a big reminder for the whole crypto community to be very careful in the online space.