Ethereum founder donated $5 million to Ukraine

It may not seem so, but the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been going on for seven weeks now, and at the moment there are no indications that we can wait for this senseless conflict to end. Although individuals, companies and governments around the world are sending more and more military or financial aid to Ukraine, the total damage is incalculable. Recently, the founder of the cryptocurrency, Ethereum Vitalik Buterin, born in Russia, joined the mentioned individuals and decided to donate financial aid to Ukraine through the ETH.

He decided to help Ukraine worth $ 2.5 million and similarly $ 2.5 million to the Unchain Fund. Many were interested in the fact that Vitalik BUterin made this financial assistance anonymously, and the foundation to which Vitalik sent the aforementioned $ 2.5 million was able to find out only by recognizing Vitalik’s official registered domain name Ethereum Name Service (ENS), “vitalik.eth”. It is really great to see how the whole world stands behind Ukraine, including the crypto community.