Ethereum outperformed Bitcoin for the first time

From the very beginning, we have been accustomed to the fact that the first place in the market capitalization belongs to Bitcoin and the second place to Ethereum, while we certainly don’t have to introduce any of the cryptocurrencies. However, according to the latest statistics from Bloomberg, the cryptocurrency Ethereum outperformed Bitcoin for the first time in percentage terms in the last year. During this time, the value of Bitcoin “only” doubled, while Ethereum increased by 530% over the same period. Given the huge market capitalization of the cryptocurrency Ethereum, this is definitely a crazy growth.

The big difference in the percentage appreciation of these cryptocurrencies is, of course, mainly because the capitalization of Bitcoin is already so large that it is not appropriate to expect a growth of several hundred percent a year and any smaller altcoin is able to make thousands or tens of thousands of percent. However, experts add that Ethereum has a far more flexible use than Bitcoin. It should not be forgotten that Metaverse, DeFi, or NFT are all part of the cryptocurrency Ethereum, and therefore if any cryptocurrency has the potential to replace Bitcoin within the most valuable cryptocurrency, it is Ethereum. However, few people can imagine such a thing at the moment, but we don’t have to be that far from this moment at all.