Facebook faces lawsuit for scam crypto advertising

Billionaires lawsuit. Even so, one could call the legal investigation launched by Australian billionaire Andrew Forrest, who accuses the social network Facebook of allowing scam crypto advertising on its platform, which The Guardian confirms. One of these scams used his photo without consent. Such fraudulent projects claim that various celebrities have made a lot of money on these projects, but of course it is a fraud and if your face were associated with one of these projects, you would certainly not be pleased.

“It can be tempting to invest money when you are promised guaranteed success.”

The so-called “global investigation” in this matter has been launched by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project. Reporting such projects is relatively easy, but finding out who is behind these projects remains a challenge. In the United Kingdom alone, 731,000 scam sites were discovered and removed between April and December 2020. You can probably imagine how much this must be in the world.