FundStrat says Ethereum could reach $ 10,000 later this year

We don’t have to introduce the most valuable altcoin in the world to any of you. For years, we have seen this cryptocurrency founded by Vitalik Buterin in second place according to market capitalization, right behind the king called Bitcoin. Many of us can’t imagine Bitcoin losing its lead, but on the contrary, there is a huge number of people who expect exactly that. The thing is, while the value of BTC has decreased by 5% in the last month, at the same time the ETH has increased by as much as 40%, which has once again approached BTC within the market capitalization. It is currently about 30% of Bitcoin’s market capitalization, so if Ethereum really wants to catch up with the king, it still has work to do.

The crypto industry is constantly evolving, so it is natural that outdated technology such as Bitcoin is far from for example what the Ethereum platform can offer. We are talking about Web 3.0 applications or DeFi, about which we made an article yesterday as part of reaching the new ATH. What do you think? Can you imagine Bitcoin not being first anymore or do you expect to retain its lead in the coming years?