Goldman Sachs is considering diversifying its offer of cryptocurrencies

After a long time, new news is coming about one of the largest banks on Wall Street, Goldman Sachs Inc., in connection with the crypto industry. As Bloomberg confirmed, Goldman Sachs has begun exploring new opportunities through cryptocurrencies that the bank will be able to offer to its customers. The giant is discussing options that would allow institutions to trade digital currency derivatives, as we can see huge demand for derivatives.

,,We are seeing a lot of demand for more derivative-type hedging. The next big step that we are envisioning is the development of options markets.”

Sachs seems to be ahead of its Wall Street counterparts, as few of the New York financial giants have embarked on crypto and blockchain technology. Banks still keep their distance due to uncertain regulatory and KYC conditions, even though these conditions are gradually becoming sufficient. Goldman thus takes risks to provide liquidity and enable larger transactions for its clients. The diversification of their offer will be seen as another step towards further crypto adoption in the banking sector.