Google Pay is likely to begin accepting crypto payments soon

The crypto sector is constantly evolving, as evidenced by recent reports confirmed by Bloomberg. Google recently allegedly hired PayPal veteran Arnold Glodberg to oversee the company’s payment division. As a result, Google is preparing to introduce various new financial services to its customers, one of which is a cryptocurrency, as confirmed by Bill Ready, the company’s president of commerce.

Crypto is something we pay a lot of attention to. As user demand and merchant demand evolves, we’ll evolve with it.

However, Google executives reassure their customers that they plan to maintain zero fees for Google’s online wallet transactions, recognizing the huge reach of consumers on their platform. Many don’t realize this, but implementing cryptocurrencies within Google is a really big deal. Google is currently the fourth largest company in the world according to Marketcap, and according to available statistics, it has almost 4 billion users, which could signal a potential start of mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. But time will tell whether this will really be the case.